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Hello. Thanx for stopping by. :-) This is my personal page (if you hadn't guessed...). That up there is my nickname, Shana. 'been using it for more than 10 years now, so if you're thinking of using, it's mine, and that's that.

My real name is Andreia V. Gaita (the V stands for Vidigal, if you really must know...). I'm a programmer and all around computer nut. My interests range widely, though, as you can see from the assortment of links there on the left (the other left... yes, those green things... *sigh*).

<background stuff>

I could tell you I'm 25, but then I'd have to update this every year... so I'll just say I was born in Lisbon, Portugal (no, it's not in spain...) somewhere in the merry year of 1970 + 6, during the smallest month, on the 0 hour of the 9th day, give or take 5 minutes (it seems all the clocks went on a strike at the time... wonder why?...)

And the rest is history... what more could I say? hmmm...

well, I have a house, a (almost, will be any day now, probably around the 29th of february of some year we have yet to decide) husband, two (one gone, one new) cats, you can see their pics if you care to click on the link (cute pics too), I develop web sites (backend) and other stuff, using OS/2 and Linux (oh, yes, down with micro$oft), I read Tarot cards (wink wink, click link) and am into various occult/pagan studies (GD, Druidism, Norse) and haven't decided where to go from here yet, I love books and have blown my budget several times with them (reminder: invent a better of carrying them around...), I ocasionally get annoyed at society's stupidity, or otherwise have an inspirational flash (vaipe, in portuguese) and out comes a rant, and no, I'm not bothered to putting the links on the text. Sheesh!

</background stuff>

Still there? Cool!

<mildly serious stuff>

Ocasionally I can't be bothered to translating the stuff I write, so if you find things in english that are not in portuguese and vice-versa, tough.

If you've just fallen down a staircase, or otherwise have had you neurons misplaced, and consequently believe you really, really want to have something of mine translated, just say so. I can be nice. 8-)

</mildly serious stuff>

<disclaimer stuff>

This site is made for Opera. If you use Internet Explorer, my condolences. But you can still be saved: just download Opera and delete your IE shortcuts. If you use Netscape, in version 4 there are a series of problems that prevent this and other pages (particularly with photos) to display correctly. Netscape 6 appears to follow the standards, so no big loss there. Anyway, it's minor stuff, you won't miss it.

The words in this site are my own, and my responsability, bla bla bla.

If you have suffered above-mentioned accidents and therefore have an interest in using my words elsewhere, please just let me know so I can enjoy the fame and fortune of being a quoted™ person and tell all my friends about it. Really.

If you find broken links, please let me know thru the Hit Me link thingy.

If you happen to find material that you believe is yours, let me know so I can put an acknowledgment thingy on it.

</disclaimer stuff>

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