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mailing lists
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<mailing lists>

The following mailing lists are available for project discussion:


<mailing list intro>

Please read Illiad's mailing list intro before contributing to an Intruder mailing list.

<Mailing list filtering>

The easiest way to cope with a high-volume mailing list is to have your mail program sort it's incoming messages into their own folder. We have a page with details.

<Posting binaries>

Please don't post binaries to the discussion lists. Instead, send them to intruder-binaries:

  • intruder-binaries - write-only archive for publishing binaries, such as images of UI mockups.

    There is no way to subscribe to this pseudo-list. To view the binaries, go to the archive.

    To post a binary, MIME attach it in an email to:

    There's currently a size limit of about 450k per message, which can be increased if need be.

You message will almost immediately show up in the intruder-binaries archive, and you can post it's URL to a discussion list.